At Computers24, I provide you door-door service. This means, me or my assistant (my wife) will come to your place and pick your computer/laptop. There will  be no charges for picking or dropping of your computer/laptop. I will charge you only for the job done to your computer.


I do not do any kind of phone or tablet repairs. In the FAQ Page you can find all your answers to the informations you need.


I will pick and drop off your computer after the job is done.


Hi! to all viewing my site. Before I get into the details of this website, let me tell you what I do. I operate from Ali's Surplus 8505 Folsom Blvd. I build custom built computers for gaming, office, personal, and also high performance computers. I do all kinds of computer repairs / service that you may need. When you encounter with any kind of computer or laptop problem, you can contact on the office telephone number or my mobile number mentioned in the contact page.







Additional services offered is media block out programming. This is the stopping or removal of all doors used for advertisers to fill your computer with garbage files. Your computer is accessed by advertiser programs that attract thousands of garbage cookies that choke your computer performance. This service is used for computers that are for work only. Not for surfing, blogging, games, skype, facebook, twitter and other social activities.


You can Contact my office or leave a message with complete details of work / repairs required for your computer or laptop




Most consumers are not aware of the constant threat of corporate malware. Corporations could care less about what they put in your computer. They don't care what damage it does or the cost of clean up removal. Their only concern is to collect data for use later on. Data that can be sold and profited from.




Corporations that repair your computer are bound to agreements with computer manufacturer's . Corporations repair your computers to manufacturer specifications this leaves all kinds of ways to get gorilla advertising onto your computer with back door private agreements. Independent computer repair services are not bound to corporate agreements.

The way to tell if you are followed on your computer is easy. When you open your E-mail the right advertisement pane will show offers where you have surfed. If you see these offers they are intruding your privacy. When you select “Media Block out Service” they are stopped from intruding. This frees up computer performance.

For the best security you must have the correct browser. The newer the browser  the less configuration options are available. To keep corporate internet trash out.


Leave a message with a kind of repair you want for your computer or a custom built computer.

Corporate Agreement


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Sacramento and Elk Grove

This should not be the normal.


  • Trusted installer wont let you empty the trash  files from your computer? Even files you installed can’t be removed due to Trusted installer?


  • Gorilla Price redirecting your pages to where you did not want to go?


  • Bench Update keep installing Safe Browser on your computer over and over?


  • Windows update stopped your presentation at work. Then froze your computer? 


  • Has The ASK Search Engine taken over all your searches? You cant get rid of or change, “Ask Search Engine”?


  • “The We Downloader”, got your URL?











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