Encryption Protection

Understand this is a secure system. This kind of encryption is there in place for specific reasons. Once your system is installed it is safe for ever. What I mean is if you lose a computer or hard drive it cannot be copied. It cannot be copied and you will damage or destroy the hard drive trying to get information or internal systems information from that computer. When you purchase the Secure Administrator, you must have a backup drive. YOU MUST BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM IMAGE ON A SEPERATE


HARD DRIVE THE DAY YOU PURCHASE THE SECURE ADMINISTRATOR You will need to back up your O.S. in a .wim file with windows back up. That hard drive is dedicated to that computer and cannot be used on another computer. In the event, you would like to change your operating system you should get a new hard drive for any other system it won’t be secure. You will be able to go back and forth with operating systems on the non-Secure Administrator hard drive you installed or had installed. If you would like to install the current system non-Secure Administrator, you will have to get your Microsoft key to use for installing on a new drive. Do not install another operating system on the "Secure Administrators" hard drive. The drive is set up for the "Secure Administrator" only. Side by side operating systems were not configured in the system. The Secure Administrator Alphabyte system is not deployed from a server. The system must be installed by manually. Installation is by pick up only. Then returned installed and secured.


There is an encryption tool bar on the task bar icon tab. The only function you should not use is changing the "Start-up" password. If you try and change it this will permanently close the drive. A service call will be required to open it. Also, this can be a panic tool. If you find the need to 

lock the computer open the key manager select the spot under the “Start-up” and open it then make it the default. When you do this, it is closed. Once you shut it down it won’t start up without a service call.




Alphabyte version B1 was developed for defending The United States from cyber-attacks Foreign and Domestic





                        Updating the “Secure Administrator “Configuration

                        Updating the “Secure Administrator “Configuration



Updating the “Secure Administrator “is not required:


 There are some programs you may like to install that do need updating. The way to update those programs is to use “Driver Pack”. This is the best available. Driver pack will update your hardware and your programs without the garbage “KB files” that build up junk and trash your computer. The only thing you need to update is what you installed. If you install Microsoft office? You can either set it not to update or let it update. Depending on what you are doing may decide to update or not. I have seen good results without updating Microsoft office. If you decide to turn on auto update for Microsoft office you will be installing kb files. With KB files come a lot of other things you don’t know about. Such as what agreements are included in the KB file. If you load a KB file for Microsoft Office. Then it crashes the secure administrator call Microsoft and inform them about the damage and install your back-up Secure Administrator. Please keep in mind no one really knows who will produce a killer file. If you are installing an application update and experience issues or crash contact that vendor. In Secure administrator research and development, "All versions of Microsoft Office work with the "Secure Administrator”. Then every common application developed for windows has functioned as designed. After updating your installs, you need to clean it the O.S. Get a windows utility program such as Glary Utilities Pro, System Cleaner, Fix it pro Utilities, AVG PC Tune up, Advan

ced System Optimizer or System Mechanic, WinZip System Utilities Suite. These programs clean your entire O.S. system.


Updating your internet browser:


The newest version of your browser may change your browser settings. Be sure to check your new version to see if it changed your old settings. Look for the “Content Settings” and see if any kind of User Experience data collection has been turned on. This will flood the temporary files. Just like a tool bar will jam your internet options. Use any browser you like other than internet explorer. There is a long list of internet browsers to choose from. I would not suggest google chrome. Google chrome has more and more agreements. I have seen google chrome cause operational problems in different applications. The browser included with the Secure Administrator is top of the line for now. When you set your browser make sure you set the mouse settings correctly. Set it so no sites take control of your mouse. When you do this you will be able to control attacks. You will have the power to close an attack or play with it. Your browser is under attack. Your computer cannot accept an attack. You are not in Microsoft configuration. Attacks are built from subsidiary-ware in windows configuration. You are immune.


Installing a device:

When you install a new device, (printer, Web cam, hip):

Look carefully in your remove add/programs screen. Look for data collection entries. They will be, customer participation, User experience, Usage monitors and other hidden names. These will store data for retrieval. They don’t care how much space they use. I serviced a computer that had 23GB of this stored data from a printer. Line after line of Customer Participation entries when I examined the files. Uninstall all of this kind of software entries. These entries won’t kill the Secure Administrator. They will slow it down to a crawl. Look this is the same maintenance you would do with a Microsoft configured computer. The only difference is that removing things from a Microsoft configured computer can be difficult or next to impossible.

Let’s make sure we are on the same page as far as antivirus. When you build secure images the antivirus becomes obsolete. Let’s make this clear as possible:

1.Mcafe Anti-Virus

2.Norton Anti-Virus

3.Avast Anti-Virus

4.PC Matic Anti-Virus

5.Kaperasky Anti-Virus

6.Total Anti-Virus

7.Pc Protect Anti-Virus

8.Scangaurd Anti-Virus

9.AVG Anti-Virus

10.Bull Guard Anti-Virus

11.Avira Anti-Virus

12.Trend Micro Anti-Virus

13.Comodo Anti-Virus

14.Bitdefender Anti-Virus

Have no use in “Secure Administrator” configurations. They are protecting what is in Microsoft configuration. This why there is a separate field apart in security on a P.C. Purchasable downloadable antivirus is separate from “Secure Administrator” imaging. When you use anti-virus you add to an existing image. Secure Administrator is virtual configuration. This is standalone new technology procedure. There is only one place this technology is available and that is C24.  Most “IT” professionals can’t grasp the Idea of operating with no virus protection until I show to them face to screen attack failures. Then allow the professionals to go through the installed programs on the c drive. They hunt for antivirus that is not installed. Some of the smartest people in the field are trained and programed by Microsoft that only Microsoft procedure is correct. You don’t need windows defender either. Microsoft seems to program zombies for the scope of windows possibilities.  Keep in mind there are 2 versions of the “Alphabyte”. One is for Government and business and another is for private home use.


Demos and Trials: We think demos and trials are a good idea. If you would like a Demo computer delivered that can be arranged. Demos and trials should run at least 90 days. There various set up options. Single and multi-users. You do not just add an account to a secure admin computer that was configured for a single user. You will crash it. A multi user computer must be configured as a multiuser computer. Each image configuration is different. When each image is completed it cannot be altered. You do anything to this image and it will go to a bluescreen and the dotted circle will run forever.



With all software there is version after version. “Alphabyte" version one will not be the last version. Future versions will give more account control. Right now our vendor is accepting our feature request. But we don’t know when they will have a new update for


Alphabyte FDE. We have requested changes for login and FDE.





Alphabyte version B1 was developed for defending The United States from cyber-attacks Foreign and Domestic