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Are you certified and licensed to do computer repairs.

 Yes, I am a licensed Computer Repair Technician.


Why is your Computer /Laptop Repair service available only for South Sacramento and Elk Grove residents.

I am a three man operation.

Does your rates include labour charges and parts?

No. The rates included are labour charges only. You will have to pay for any software or hardware  required to fix your computer.

After diagnosing my computer/laptop how many days will you take to get my computer /laptop fixed?

Approximate turnaround time will be 24-48hrs. Again, it depends on the kind of work required for your computer/laptop. It would take longer if any parts need to be ordered to fix your computers.

Do you offer rush hour services? If yes, how much do you charge?

It depends on the kind of work to be done.

What do you mean by “NO WARRANTY WORK OF ANY KIND”

It simply means that, if your laptop or computer is under warranty or not expired, I will not do any kind of repair /service on your computer/laptop. You will have to take your computer/laptop to the store you purchased from.

Do you fix laptop screen? If yes, what is the warranty of laptop screen replacement?

I can fix any screen as long as parts are available.

What is the guarantee of your work on repairs /service?

I guarantee parts and installation.

Do I need to pay you anything in advance?

Yes, if I need to order any parts to fix the issue of your computer. Else, payment is due  only on  completion of repair/service.

I get a blue screen or sometimes shuts off completely. Will you be able to fix this?

Yes. It is probably a virus that corrupted hardware or software.

If I drop and damage my computer /laptop , can you fix it? Or do I need to buy a new one?

This depends on the amount of work required to fix your damaged computer/laptop.

Do you repair laptop keyboards?

I do not repair laptop keyboards.

What do I do when my computer is running slow? Do I need to upgrade my computer?

You need to clean your computer and reset the drivers. I use special programs to clean your Computer physically and virtually.

What are your hours of work?

 I do all computer/laptop repair jobs by myself after  5:00pm. You can check here to  know more about my business hours and the days.

Do you take computer/laptop repair jobs on Sarturday and Sunday?

No work on Saturday and Sunday.

Why do you accept only cash and money order?

Credit cards are too many problems. Checks are not dependable.

Why can’t I come to your house to drop my computer /laptop off?

My business is based on mobile service.

Why can’t you fix my computer/laptop at my place?

I don’t have the tools and equipment I need to diagnose computer problems at your place.

Why don’t you repair apple products and phones?

Apple products and phones are too difficult to work with and too costly for applications.

Do you repair tablets other than Apple?

No tablets of any brand.

How can I make my computer run faster?

By adding random access memory and move up to a faster processor.Do not shop and download apps from social sites. Shopping leads to installation of tools for a site. These tools have tag along programs that clutter your computer.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can click here to contact me and leave detailed information of work required for your computer/laptop.

Do you sell computers?

I sell used and custom build computers. Pricing from $150 to whatever you may desire. $150 is starting price for refurbished computers. High performance computers can be very pricey.

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