The “Secure Administrator Configuration”




The O.S., custom configuration and the Microsoft activation key are all included.

This operating system was developed and distributed by Microsoft.

The custom configuration was developed by a programmer.

This high performance and security configuration does not come from Microsoft.

Microsoft or its staff has no idea on how to operate this high-performance system.

There is no remote access with Microsoft. You are the single operator.

There is no warranty with Microsoft. Performance and security exceed anything you can

purchase at a retail outlet with windows pre-installed. You are sold windows home edition

at all retail outlets. Home edition has no administrator rights.

This allows the user agreement to run in full effect.


Everything you need to know about this high-performance system is in the

"Secure Administrator Description" and "Use and Operation”, “Updating Secure Administrator"

, “Illustrations” files included on your system desktop.


From this point on you are a single entity. You are not bound, tied, directed, stopped,

committed, supervised, denied access by system parameters.


For Merchant, Military, Government use:

The "Secure Administrator" will allow you to operate your networks free of survey chatter

and interruption’s in workflow. Forced data collection is voided. Everything that has interfered with computer work is voided.


Law Enforcement: The secure administrator can be tailored to your organization. Not only will you be immune to viruses and attack ware, No one on the planet will have your configuration.

The way this is run leaves you with zero computer down time. Currently everyone on the planet has your computer configuration for your organization. Currently everyone on the planet has your antivirus configuration. It doesn’t matter what antivirus you have. If you down loaded antivirus everyone else has down loaded it along with you. This leaves them with all the time in the world to hack your antivirus. If they don’t get hacked then there should not be updates required.


There is no "Operating System” update maintenance requirement with the Secure Administrator.

There is no network security or maintenance needed.

That is only required for a Microsoft configuration PC.

External control of operational parameters is an invitation for intrusion.

Therefore the "Secure Administrator" has none of those requirements.

If you or your company require these practices return the secure administrator as soon

as you read to here.


Alphabyte version B1 was developed for defending The United States from cyber-attacks Foreign and Domestic.





The “Secure Administrator” Configuration

The “Secure Administrator” Configuration




The “Secure Administrator” is not a program. You don’t buy a disc or download it. It is a configuration done manually by a programmer. There is no alteration to windows image or language programming. With the “Secure Administrator” you can surf the net freely and not be concerned with ransom ware or any other threat. As you see in the demo there is no effect on the operating system configured with “Secure Administrator”. This applies to Windows, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 all versions other than home edition.


This “Secure Administrator” is the way you can use the full potential of any computer configured. You will use nearly 100% of your processor and ram installed. “Secure Administrator” does not slow down your computer. It speeds it up and allows your browser to move considerably faster. The “Secure Administrator” will perform beyond what most people can expect from a PC. Open any E-Mail you like. Every logic bomb and malwares, ransom ware or threats will fail. To keep the demo video short I did not open infected E-Mail. The “Secure Administrator” configuration does not require constant security updates. Security is in the reconfiguration.


The “Secure Administrator” is for all the computers in a business. It is to protect every computer on a business network. This kind of protection is low or no maintenance.


All PCs do collect temporary files from the internet. These files also come from installation of new programs downloaded or purchased on a disc. Most of these junk files take up space and eat up resources. It is wise to use a PC cleaner. Not a combination Virus and PC cleaner.


Keep in mind that you are no longer in windows one size fits all PC customer configuration. That is over. When you take a new computer out of the box you are connected to Microsoft and all of its subsidiary’s. It doesn’t matter rather you want to be or not. You are connected when you register a new PC. It tells you right in the lengthy user agreement. “Secure Administrator” reconfigures all of that. All of the Microsoft and subsidiary ware take speed and performance off your computer.


When you add virus protection programs to your computer it loses performance. Doesn’t matter who made the anti-virus or what it protects, “Anti-virus programs are processor and R.A.M hogs”. Right along with windows update patches comes virus updates. They both are protecting subsidiary ware. Your computer is just protected as a 3rd rank host in the windows one size fits all configuration.


“Secure Administrator” protects your computer as its first priority. No subsidiary ware or anti-virus program is a concern with “Secure Administrator”. “Secure Administrator” allows your computer to run as a standalone device. “Secure Administrators” only loyalty is to the operator/owner. 

“Secure Administrator” cannot be added to a current Microsoft one size fits all configured computer. You must start from scratch.


“Secure Administrator” extends the life of your computers operating system for years to come. It does this by maintaining a stable uninterrupted environment. Ending a pattern of continued updates and files bloating, shifting, deleting, patch after patch of virus updates and windows updates. Years of buildup errors in programs and features are bought to an end. Temporary files that never delete due subsidiary ware stops with “Secure Administrator”. The end of everything that suffocates your PC. You ever needed to do a presentation and windows update won’t stop?

That will never happen with “Secure Administrator”.


Business Network Relief

Imagine running a business network and not having to deal with windows update. Taking hold of your computer not caring if you need to do a presentation. I.T. horrors of windows 10 all updating at the exact same time and shutting down the computer network. Not forced to chase down KB files that cover windows subsidiary-ware and do nothing for your computer needs. A network running with no disturbance from data collected for Microsoft/and its subsidiaries agreements. No performance and bandwidth lost to constant bombardment of subsidiary ware updates and anti-virus updates. No more group restarts after any updates. Your operating system image is left in its unaltered state forever (No subsidiary maintenance and Security updates). No more Microsoft or subsidiary-ware updates.


There are many items that collect data for Microsoft and its subsidiaries. These and all of the Apps on the start splash page choking the life from your computer. Every App pre-installed in windows has subsidiary agreements. This is why none of the apps appear in the installed programs. They don’t want you to stop the flow of your information for them to do with as they please. For you it is a brick on your operating system. Imagine your business networks performance free of these ball and chains. Put any computer on your network on line and not have to worry about any type of attacks. Never needing to overclock for any reason. Every time an employee starts a computer the computer is dedicated to the employee’s mission. No more customer service agents telling customers “We can’t serve you right now Cortana is sending information to Microsoft”. The employee has 97% to 100% of the computers capacity in use. No background deals eating up performance and bandwidth. A healthy network without millions of bits of chatter requesting and sending information in the back ground. Keep in mind the only way to kill the “Secure Administrator” is to manually install a vicious program intentional or by accident. A sick “Secure Administrator” configuration will slow down at least 30% to 50% or stop working. This depends on the kind of malware, virus or logic bomb the operator installed. If this happens you can start the secure Administrator from day one with the image back up disc. If it is not extensive system damage you should be able to use system restore to clear the malware intrusion. So don’t forget windows 10 can be bought under control. All versions can be reconfigured to “Secure Administrator. Home Edition cannot be relieved of commitments.


Don’t forget that when you want to get rid of corrupted installs, you can with “Secure Administrator”. “Secure Administrator” provides an optimized environment for business.


 “Secure Administrator” is the configuration for business without the need to overclock. When you start your computer the processor and ram are committed only to you. All of your computer’s hardware is committed solely to the operator. Keep in mind that performance results are governed by what hardware you are using. If you put it on a $500.00 PC it will go 2-1/2 times faster. If you put it on a $1500.00 PC it will go 2-1/2 times faster. If you put it on a 

$5000.00 PC it will go 2-1/2 times faster. If you put it on a $15000.00 PC it will go 2-1/2 times faster. If you put it on a $25000.00 PC it will go 2-1/2 times faster and so on. There is one major common hardware Issue. Such as a too small video card will restrict your mother board’s performance. Use the video card recommended for your game. The fastest speed 2-1/2 is clocked with windows 10.Windows 8 is between 2 and 2-1/2 times the speed. Windows 7 is slowest. Around 1,3/4 times as fast. Let’s talk about “Stupid”. If you are running a windows operating system it is full of subsidiary ware. That is the bottom line just look at the user agreement. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your hardware. You are still running subsidiary ware at top speed. You are still bound and restricted with subsidiary ware. Example: Look at “Cortana”. You may think you turned off Cortana but look at your load Cortana is happy and collecting and distributing information unhindered. Just because you spend “Stupid” money on hardware does not mean you are using 100% of your hardware capability you paid for. That’s a no brainer. Correctly built system will move at warp speed as some of you have seen in the demos.


So many consumers purchase a computer and it gets a virus and they throw it away. This is one of the biggest wastes imaginable. With “Secure Administrator” this won’t happen. We still have Dell GX260’s, GX270’s OptiPlex 780s and Dell Dimensions 4600’s, 2400’s, HP DC-5800s, HP DC-7800s, DV9317’s, DV 2000’s Sony, Vios and Toshiba Satellites running today. They have been operation for years as part of the “Secure Administrator” research. These computers along with custom hand built PC’s have passed every attack of Ransom ware and Carnivorous malware that could be found.


For those of us who are advanced pc users you need not fear windows 10. If you purchased windows 10 pre-installed you need to worry. When windows 10 is configured to “Secure Administrators” specifications there are no more worries about your security. Loyalty is configured in to windows 10 to the administrator only. There are no subsidiary ware operations.

Windows 10 can be safe once reconfigured. If you purchased a home edition disc to install windows 10 then worry. Only with the “Secure Administrator” windows 10 is under the, “Administrators” (purchaser’s) control.


There are so many people’s hard drives, mother boards and ram suffer the update and attack fate. That is why I developed an independent security configuration. C24 stands behind a money back guarantee for “Secure Administrator Configuration”. We are a United States developer.



Alphabyte version B1 was developed for defending The United States from cyber-attacks Foreign and Domestic



The “Secure Administrator” configuration use and operation.

The “Secure Administrator” configuration use and operation.



1. Never install any kind of antivirus. No matter what antivirus you buy it is susceptible to new viruses and hacking. That is why all virus programs are updated. It is always somebody working on them. Do not install MacAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Avast P.C. Matic, ETC. You can install windows cleaners CC Cleaner, AVG Tune-up 2016, Ashampoo, Winoptemiser, Windows Manager, and others that are not a combo with anti-virus. You can also use add on extensions with your browsers such as ABP, Ghostry, and they are fully effective. This is due to no subsidiary ware running to go around them. A malware detector is also allowed.


2. Do not update “windows media player” under any circumstances. It eats up massive amounts of Ram, Bandwidth, and Processor speed. It has subsidiary ware that never stops eating system performance.


3. Do not update “internet explorer” under any circumstances. Internet Explorer is a tremendous gateway for subsidiary ware.


4. Do not update “windows defender “waste huge amounts of system resources for subsidiary collection purposes. It works like adding a brick to all your programs.


5. Do not launch windows update? It is not needed. Your computer is not configured to Microsoft configuration. There for every attack or virus directed at your computer was written for a Microsoft configured computer. Your computer has no ties, loyalties, commitments, agreements, surveys with Microsoft or it subsidiaries. Your Secure Administrator computer is solely committed to you.


6. Do not ever install windows “essentials”, Microsoft “essentials”. They interact with windows and begin to install subsidiary ware slowly. Then you will be asked to install more and more subsidiary ware. The next thing you know is that your computer is slow and sick.


7. Do not refresh or reinstall system drivers from an Operating System disc or USB drive. This will kill the secure administrator completely. Your computer is once again configured to Microsoft and its subsidiary’s. You will no longer be using 97% to 100% of the hardware you paid for. Once you install a new operating system you have lost the secure administrator completely. When your computer is configured Secure Administrator it is only for that system installed. Keep in mind the Secure Administrator configuration can run for years further than windows. This is due to windows update not flooding the system with mistakes and control commands.


8. Do not Update “Cortana” under any circumstances. That will take up all your performance then even crash your Secure Administrator. Cortana is the problematic system destabilizer. Cortana looks for the system variables that keep data fed to Microsoft and its Subsidiaries. When it can’t detect them, it will crash the system.


9. Be careful what you install. Then only way “The Secure Administrator” is destroyed is buy what you install on it. Look out for tag along ware. Toolbars are notorious garbage. They may work for a while. When you don’t expect, it they will invite in something that will wreck Internet Options. Then stop your VPN. Toolbar garbage is found with programs you wanted. At the point of damage, it is then you will reinstall the backed-up image. This will take you to the first day of your Secure Administrator configuration. If you are mindful the Secure Administrator will never slow down. You will notice “Ransomware” will only bounce around in the browser. You will retain the use of your Mouse and start button and you will be able to access your control Panel. The demo on my site will show you the attacks failing.


If you pay attention to 1-9 your computer will last til you get tired of it and want a new one.



Other than what is mentioned (Not to do) you may install everything you ever wanted. Please feel free to install and update:

1. Net framework

2. Visual++c Redistribution

3. Java

4. Drivers for any device you like

5. Microsoft Office Is okay.

6. VPN won’t continue to get kicked off when you use it.